Exercise with Oxygen Training (EWOT) / Oxygen Therapy

What is EWOT?

Simply put, EWOT (pronounced e-watt) Exercise with Oxygen Training is breathing higher levels of oxygen during exercise. You can use an exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical or whatever you're comfortable with.  There are some exercise machines that actually raise the level of oxygen retained in your blood far more than any form of exercise known.


Breathing higher levels of oxygen during exercise increases strength, endurance and stamina. You can go longer with greater power. This means a more effective workout in the same time frame. In addition, the body operates better when your blood is oxygen rich. Top athletes will travel to the lowest elevation to breathe higher purity of oxygen while training. However, this purity is only 2-5% more than the standard 21% you breathe on average. EWOT will increase your purity by at least 40% (or 10x more than the lowest elevation).

What is Adaptive Contrast?

When you breathe air that alternates from being enriched with 100% oxygen to hypoxic (low oxygen) air while on a fitness bike tracking your heart rate and oxygen saturation, helping you maximize oxygen utilization and diffusion deep into your tissues. Your lungs have never had a workout like this before. Your oxygen-saturated cells will thank you, too.

Boost your immune system, flush toxins, and supercharge your brain in just 15 minutes.


  • Recovery Accelerator
  • Maximize Performance Training
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Immune System Function
  • Optimize Cardiovascular System Function

What happens when you get 442% more oxygen? EVERYTHING.

Imagine getting 4 times more oxygen into the body. Not just arteries and veins, but the smallest capillaries (which make up 75% of the circulatory system). Inflammation decreases. Immunity is boosted. Energy is restored. And not just the energy to go all day long, but the energy all cells need to process the millions of bio-chemical reactions to each and every condition. All processes within the body require adequate blood flow and the capacity to carry oxygen. However, there are many factors that take a toll on our body and it's ability to keep you healthy and vital. Oxygen is key.

Brief History:

Developed in the late 1960s by Professor von Ardenne, (a student of Dr. Otto Warburg, best known for his pioneering research on the connection between lack of oxygen and cancer), Oxygen Multistep Therapy combines oxygen therapy, drugs that facilitate intracellular oxygen turnover and physical exercise adapted to individual performance levels. This unique therapy has diversified into more than 20 different treatment variants and is now practiced in several hundred settings throughout Europe. Ardenne put his finger on how inflammation interferes with oxygen transfer to cells.

Why oxygen during exercise and why Maxx 02?

Over the years, classic devices such as nasal cannulas and face masks were used. However, this didn't meet the demands of the circulatory system under load (high intensity workout) when a "window of opportunity" switched on where the arteries dilate and blood flow increases through the smallest vessels (capillaries) which were previously closed. This "window" where everything is dilated also sees an increase in pressure.  While exercising with oxygen at approximately 40 liters per minute, you are now super saturating the blood plasma and red blood cells. Oxygen is then carried to the capillaries and thus the deep tissues/organs. Every part of us must receive oxygen to heal, rebuild, fight invaders and produce ATP (energy).  The latest equipment to support Oxygen Multistep Therapy is the EWOT MaxO2 system which uses a patented adjustable positive pressure flow system to deliver 650 liters of oxygen with greatest ease inside of 15 min. Other similar bags are harder to breath from and tax the lungs. The bag's horizontal ribs (placed on the system after inflation), slowly and precisely "pushes" air to the breathing mask just like a machine does.

Supercharge Your Brain

  • Unprecedented Oxygenation
  • With the BrainO2 Protocol, you can get up to 24x normal oxygen levels.

Boost Your Immune System

  • Superior Immune Support
  • Kick your immune system into high gear with heat and oxygen

Eliminate Toxins

  • Promote Healing and Recovery
  • Feeling tired? Sluggish? Flush metabolic waste in 15 minutes.

Your First Time

  • Initiate Health Improvements
  • Achieve measurable improvements in just 15 minutes, once or twice a week.